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Balirium Hipernova Blockchain Network

Real Time Fast Transaction and Reliable, Smart Contract Support, Scalable, Cheap Fees Transaction and Green Energy

Balirium Provides Cross-Border Transaction Speeds In Real Time Per To Per With High Capability Of More Than 1 Million Transactions Per Second

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USA, UK & Germany,France,

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NFT Marketplace

Balirium Provides NFT Marketplace For Communities, There You Can Sell And Buy Your NFT Digital Assets from Balirium Artists

Fast Transaction

With the power of our servers spread all over the world that can serve millions of transactions per day in RealTime

Low Fees

Balirium Uses BPOS Technology That Can Make Transactions Much Cheaper and More Realtime

Smart Contracts

With the Balirium Smart Contracts feature you can create your own community token that runs on the Balirium blockchain

Transaction Scans

Every Transaction Will Be Recorded In Balirium Blockchain And Can Be Accessed Anytime By Anyone Using Balirium Scan

Privacy Support

Balirium Also Provides Blockchain Privacy Support Options, Especially For Banks That Require Customer Confidentiality

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If you are looking for a community that can make you big then Balirium is the right choice


Elizabeth Norton

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Balirium Has A Great Team In All Fields From Development To Marketing


Jane Abbey

Microsoft Inc.

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Join Balirium Community And Let’s Change The World Together